Our commitment to the planet

Here at Exubia, sustainability is a key part of our core beliefs and we are thoroughly committed to reducing our carbon footprint, minimising waste and crafting a business model that protects and safeguards our planet. Below are just some of the key initiatives we have implemented to ensure our customers can rest easy knowing their commitment to sustainability is matched.


Sustainable Supply Chain – All of the plants we provide are grown as part of a sustainable and transparent supply chain which has received an MPS rating of “A”. This means that an independent body has assessed it and the plants we provide are guaranteed to have been grown…

  • With minimal use of fertilisers and other crop protection products.
  • With minimal creation of waste material.
  • With minimal water and energy use – 100% of the water used to grow our plants is harvested and purified rainwater which is then kept as part of a closed, circular system. Additionally, 55% of the electricity utilised in the growing process comes from solar panels.


Zero Waste Model – We order the exact quantity of plants we need specifically for each project instead of keeping large stocks of plants and trying to pre-forecast demand. This in-turn leads to a zero waste model.


Route Optimisation All our delivery routes are optimised to reduce total transport time where possible and subsequently reduce emissions as well.


Electric Vehicle Fleet – We have recently installed electric charging points at our headquarters as part of our transition to a fully electric delivery and maintenance fleet.


Recycled and Re-used Planters We offer our customers a vast range of recycled and biodegradable planters to choose from, beyond this we also re-use planters wherever possible and where clients are happy for us to do so. All as part of our commitment to creating a more circular and sustainable economy.


Peat-Free Compost –  We are currently exploring a number of alternatives to help reduce our use of peat-based compost, to help protect peat-bogs and the valuable ecosystem they provide.