Greenery Grows Greatness: Biophilic Design in Schools.

With the new academic year now underway, a new academic year is arriving for UK independent schools. As school grounds and classrooms gear up to welcome students and teachers alike, it's a pertinent moment to ponder: How we can craft environments that invigorate,...

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The Ultimate Guide to Plant Care

Water Because there are so many variables that influence how much water a plant needs, watering on a schedule is a dangerous game. The best approach is to use the finger dip test which will allow your plant to access water as and when it needs it, rather than using a...

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How to combat Sciriad Flies

What are Sciriad Flies? Commonly known as Fungus Gnats, Sciriad Flies are small insects that are commonly found in moist environments. Sciarid Flies are usually between 3mm to 4mm long, so they are considerably smaller than normal flies. The Larvae are usually too...

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