How we can help you

We work with architects, interior designers & directly with our clients to bring corporate spaces to life through bespoke biophilic design and office planting.

Whether it’s office plants, living walls, artificial office plants, moss walls, or dividers you’re searching for  – we have you covered.


Our commitment to you

Exceptional Value

While other providers may be content charging you the maximum price for the minimum effort.

At Exubia, we pride ourselves on providing you the most value for your budget.

Bespoke, Stunning Designs

We push the boundaries of creativity to provide unique, captivating designs for all our customers.

Don’t believe us?  Why not check out our previous projects?

Full-Service Plant Care

Worried about your office becoming a wasteland of dying plants?

Don’t –  we’ll take care of your plants for you, ensuring they look as stunning as the week they were installed, every week

Sustainable Planting

From the water & energy used to grow the plants, the compost they’re placed in, the planters they come in or even the fleet they are delivered in.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.