Your Project Partner for Planting Schemes

About Exubia

Starting from a back garden in 1976, our founder was full of ambition and driven by a love of all things plants.

Now, a world away from our humble beginnings, although still as passionate about plants, we are recognised as project partners for biophilia and planting schemes for several of the UK’s largest design and construction firms.

Regardless of whether you’re located in London or anywhere else in the U.K. – we’re here to help you.

Our Process

1. Design

First, our design team will be in touch to get a better understanding of your company & your project. They’ll then use this information to craft you a completely bespoke design proposal.

When you are happy with your designs, your dedicated customer care manager will be in touch to book you in for installation.


2. Installation

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a giant ceiling feature or a simple floor-standing display you can rest easy knowing that our install team will ensure your designs look just as good in person as they do on paper.


3. Maintenance (Optional)

Finally, it’s time to consider plant care. From watering to pruning to shining the leaves, our maintenance packages cover every aspect of plant care so you can enjoy your new planting scheme stress-free.

We also offer regular reviews of your planting schemes to ensure that your displays evolve as your space does and that you are never left with stagnant or outdated planting displays.

Why Introduce Office Plants?

The Physical Benefits of Plants

The primary physical benefit of introducing office plants is improved air quality. In a study in the 1990s, NASA found that a number of common house plants were highly effective in removing common pollutants.

Office plants also help boost humidity which brings a number of physical benefits. In fact, researchers in Norway found that office plants could reduce symptoms of sick building syndrome including headaches, sore throat, fatigue and dry eyes/skin.

Finally, researchers at London Southbank University found that positioning large potted plants can increase sound absorption and reduce noise pollution. Meanwhile, a study undertaken by the European Commission has shown that modular green walls can reduce noise pollution by up to 18 dB.


The Mental Benefits of Plants

Researchers in Japan also found that plants can reduce physical symptoms of stress by around 27% benefit.  The study also showed a sharp reduction in self-reported levels of stress and anxiety.

Besides stress and anxiety,  office plants have also been shown to increase creativity, productivity and memory.

Why choose Exubia?

More Choice

Whilst many planting suppliers choose to limit their customers to the same 10 bulk-bought plants, to maximise economies of scale, we want our customers to enjoy everything that nature has to offer.


‘Greener’ Plants

Over the past 12 months, we’ve switched over to exclusively using 100% peat-free compost, begun our transition to an all-electric maintenance fleet, expanded our range of recycled pots and introduced a new plant ‘rehoming’ scheme.

In 2023, we’re excited to introduce even more initiatives that put us at the forefront of sustainable horticulture.


Cutting Edge Designs

Our expert designers are never afraid to push the boundaries of biophilic design and are always coming up with innovative, stunning new ways to introduce nature.

Want a moss depiction of the Angel of the North? No problem. An indoor forest crafted from full-sized preserved trees? Easily done. How about an AI-powered plant wall that humidifies and purifies the air? Yes, we can even provide that.