Ready to find out how your personality can effect the kind of spaces you crave? Combined with our interactive event at Clerkenwell Design Week #2024, we bring you an in-depth guide on how your personality can affect the spaces you like to work in, the kind of people you can work with, how you work best, and last but not least, the biophilic solution for you.

We’ve prepared a guide per personality that delves into what biophilic features you may want to consider when designing a space, as well as giving our top picks of plants that we think you’ll love! Let’s get into it!

  1. Realistic
  2. Investigative
  3. Artistic
  4. Social
  5. Enterprising
  6. Conventional



What Are The Traits Of A Realistic Person?

So, if you’re the kind of person who just loves getting your hands dirty you might be what we call a realist. Whether it’s fixing stuff up, crafting things from scratch, or simply keeping things running smoothly – you’re on it. You’re someone who loves that hands-on action, maybe even prefers being outdoors, and finds real joy in good old-fashioned manual labour. You’re all about tools, machines, and mechanical drawings, and you’ve got this knack for making things work like a charm. And hey, you’re not just practical – you’re downright goal-oriented, always with your eye on the prize.


How Does A Realistic Person Like To Work?

You’re the kind of person who gets on well alone. However, when you collaborate, a fellow realist is what works for you. Now, the strictness of this rule changes from person to person BUT you are capable and would do fine without a team of people to support you. You’ve got your own back, and we love that!


Who Are Realistic People Compatible With?

Investigative or Conventional.





What Are The Traits Of An Investigative Person?

Alright, so picture this: you’re the analytical type, right? You thrive on diving deep into those intricate details, especially when it comes to tackling mind-bending math or science puzzles. Negotiation might not be your strong suit, but put you in a team with some down-to-earth folks, and you’re golden. You’re all about precision, intellect, and setting those ambitious goals. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a little recognition for all their hard work and achievements, am I right?


How Does An Investigative Person Like To Work?

You’re also the kind of person who gets on well alone. When you do collaborate, however, other investigative individuals float your boat, and we love that!


Who Are Realistic People Compatible With?

Realistic or Artistic.




What Are The Traits Of An Artistic Person?

So, let’s talk about this bunch of folks who just thrive on creativity and expression. You’re all about surrounding yourself with people who are unapologetically themselves, you know? You’re drawn to those who are free-spirited, expressive, and open to new experiences. You love the world of creative arts, whether it’s through writing, music, or any other form of artistic expression. You ooze creativity, and you totally own it. You see yourself as one of these expressive, original souls. Honestly, let’s face it, you’re not really into the whole rigid, repetitive routine thing. Put you in a group setting, sure, but only if you get the freedom to let your ideas flow.


How Does An Artistic Person Like To Work?

You’re the type that loves group that allows for creative expression and for your creative juices to flow. Unsystematic teams where unheard-of ideas dominate are exactly what you look for in your daily life.


Who Are Artistic People Compatible With?

Investigative or Social.




What Are The Traits Of A Social Person?

Alright, if you’re all about that Social personality type, you’re all about taking charge and making things happen, right? You’ve got this knack for leading the pack and creating a positive vibe wherever you go. And guess what? You’re not alone – this category is super common, and chances are, you’ve got a mix of traits from it along with other awesome qualities. You thrive on being of service to others, and be honest, nothing beats that feeling of making someone’s day. When it comes to your career, you’re all about working closely with people, whether it’s collaborating on projects or providing support. And hey, your ideal work environment? It’s all about being surrounded by folks who you can trust. It’s those who lend a helping hand, and who aren’t shy about showing a little appreciation that you love.


How Does A Social Person Like To Work?

You love group and team situations where you feel needed. And that’s not a bad thing because most likely. you are needed! You’ve spoken to a lot of people from a lot of paths and you never know when you’ll need that bit of info you saved from a convo with a random stranger.


Who Are Social People Compatible With?

Artistic and Enterprising




What Are The Traits Of An Enterprising Person?

So, if you’re the Enterprising type, you’re basically the go-getter everyone wants on their squad, right? You’ve got this contagious energy that just fuels productivity, and you’re not one to back down from a challenge – you tackle it head-on! Whether you’re the life of the party or more of a behind-the-scenes strategist, one thing’s for sure: you’re ambitious. Additionally, you’re a hard worker, and you’re always up for trying out new stuff. Your confidence and assertiveness make you a force to be reckoned with and be honest, it’s what gets things done!


How Does An Enterprising Person Like To Work?

You can pretty much work with anyone, as long as they don’t bash your spirit! You have a natural tendency to take the leadership position and we love that!


Who Are Enterprising People Compatible With?

Social and Conventoinal




What Are The Traits Of A Conventional Person?

Alright, you’re all about diving into a career that involves crunching numbers, handling records, or tinkering with machines, right? You thrive on those repetitive tasks that you can knock out in a neat and orderly fashion. You’re all about staying organized and sticking to the plan, and let’s not forget, you’ve got a knack for following directions like a champ. Success in business? Oh yeah, that’s totally your jam. And when it comes to teamwork, you’re all about those small, tight-knit groups where everyone knows their role and responsibilities. That’s where you shine the brightest!


How Does A Conventional Person Like To Work?

Now, you like working in groups where there are defined duties and there are no blurred lines between roles. After all, there’s a reason we’ve got the job that we’ve got so let’s stick to it.


Who Are Conventional People Compatible With?

Enterprising or Realistic






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