Moss Walls


What is a Moss Wall?

Moss Walls are undergoing a surge in popularity in the interior design industry and for good reason. They are a stunning addition to any workspace and offer a fantastic way to help reconnect your team with nature.

They can be crafted into almost any shape or size imaginable and come in four varieties including flat moss, bun moss, a flat & bun mix, and reindeer moss. Besides traditional walls, moss can also be crafted into moss pictures and logos, subsequently offering a unique way to draw more attention to your brand.

Are there any important things I should know about introducing moss into my workspace?

There are a few things many people don’t realise when introducing moss into their space. Firstly, moss walls do not require light or water, unlike living walls. They do require relatively high humidity, however. Subsequently, we recommend a humidity level of 30% to 70% which is a standard level for an indoor climate. As a result, with just a little amount of care, your moss can stay beautiful for years to come.

Secondly,  moss does give off a natural odour which you may be able to smell after it’s been installed. However, the odour is completely harmless and will gradually wear off within a few weeks.

Finally,  whilst most alternative moss types are limited to their natural colour – reindeer moss can be dyed into almost any colour available. Therefore, offering a fantastic way to introduce a splash of colour to your space.

Why should I choose Exubia for my Moss Wall?

Here at Exubia – we’re experts at providing maximum value for budget, pride ourselves on our sustainable supply chain, and have completed hundreds of moss wall projects across the U.K.

Looking to complete your own moss wall project? We’d love to speak to you.