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A workplace without greenery? Impossible!

It's not only down to the aesthetics and creative impact you can bring into a space...greenery boasts numerous health benefits and is proved to boost employee motivation, productivity and wellbeing!

It's time to start a biophilic revolution!

We see plants as the finishing touch to a perfectly designed space. Breathing life and colour into an urban environment, through limitless plant-planter options, there is something to enhance every interior or exterior design.

Plants are available for outright purchase, but we prefer to work ongoing with yourselves on a rental and maintenance basis. We have a dedicated team of plant technicians who provide ongoing care and maintenance of the plant displays.

It's time to start a biophilic revolution!

Our clients say

"Our Frövi CDW Showroom has been completely transformed by Exubia for CDW 2017! Thanks Team!" The Team at Frövi

Why bother?

It’s about more than just looks, there are tangible benefits to having plants in any working environment.

Increased Productivity

Adding plants could be all it takes to increase the productivity of your team. Studies show that plant-filled workspaces are 15% more productive than those without interior landscaping.

Reduced Stress

Just looking at a plant can reduce blood pressure and lessen stress – all within five minutes! True story!

Greater Efficiency

Plants are nature’s air-con and can help regulate temperature meaning you could reduce your heat/cooling costs by as much as 20 percent with the careful placement of plants within your office.

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