Get some flower power this winter!

We refuse to let winter best us and there are a few things we employ that help. Top of the list is of course enlisting some flower power!
Plants and potted flowers help clean the air. A must at this time of year when windows tend to be tightly shut. If you can get hold of some more fragrant varieties they can also act as natural deodorisers so your office doesn’t feel as stuffy! One of our resident plant experts picked his top three plants for fighting the winters blues:
  • Peace Lily – Scored top marks in NASA’s clean air study for removing the scary cocktail of chemicals we find in the air from cleaning products, toner ink and plastic packaging. This beautiful plant can remove them all!
  • Anthuriums – Not only does this plant have brilliant airborne nasties removal power, its exotic flowers look stunning.
  • Lavender – Not necessarily one for purifying the air but the fragrance is known to be calming. Not too much though or you’ll have a lots of sleepy colleagues on your hands!


We’ve written a longer post about the power of plants in the office, you can check it out here. If you think your office could do with some flower power get in touch and talk to one of our friendly, plant-obsessed team.